• ICEP - Certification of Competence

    Icep is committed to promoting the acquisition, development and recognition of professional, digital and personal competences of individuals. Icep practices Corporate Social Responsibility and it operates in light of ethical integrity, absence of prejudice, impartiality, respect for human rights and dignity, fairness and equality, principles of sustainability and international cooperation.


    Our Mission is to certify the verifiable formal and non-formal competences of professionals and individuals, through a set of standardised requirements, procedures and quality assurance measures, in accordance to International Standards.


    Our vision is to contribute to the establishment and expansion of a solid international certification system in the job sector and in volunteering, through the provable qualification of professionals and individuals.


    The Certification of Competence attests that the certified professional or individual has proved to be in possession of the knowledge, skills, personal attributes and qualifications required for certification.

    For more information, please visit ICEP Website.